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Cowboy Taming

Hi there,

I bring forth a funny little fic with an unusual pairing, hope you like it. For more author comments, read the ones I've written before the story's beginning.

Title: Cowboy Taming
Pairing: SeiferxIrvine
Rating: M or PG18 for later chapters
Status: Ongoing (and randomly updated)
Summary: Seifer is set on winning a freaked out Irvine's heart, even if the said cowboy is avoiding him at all cost, to the whole garden's amusement. Obviously, the cowboy needs some taming.

Warning: Although I believe I have a rather good English, English is not my native language and I've been told I tend to make some syntax errors. If you run into mistakes, please be kind enough to inform me. Thank you.

If you don't like the pairing or yaoi in general, then don't read it. Flames shall be ignored, but comments are more than welcome :)
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