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Finding Angelo

Title: Finding Angelo
Characters: Rinoa, Angelo
Rating: G
Word Count: 550
Summary: Exploring the town of Timber, young Rinoa passes the local pet store and spots the most adorable Galbadian Shepherd she has ever seen.

Rinoa's heart began warming up the very moment she had spotted the Galbadian Shepherd, desperately wishing to take the small puppy home that instant. She had always been a sucker for dogs. The small, cute and fluffy kind especially.

She desperately needed a little companion like this one, but her father was bound to say no; only to then follow it up with some snide remark. Probably something like ‘they’re filthy creatures, Rinoa' in that condescending tone of his. But he couldn’t possibly say no to anything he didn’t know about, right? Rinoa guessed there to be a little to no chance of him making her take the little one back once she had gotten him, and thus she made her decision; she’d definitely take him!

Making her way into Timber’s local pet store she skipped up to the counter, and grinning like an idiot she dug into her pockets. Counting all of her money, she frowned. 200 Gil. That was all of her allowance, and she really didn’t like not having enough Gil on her in case of emergencies… to hell with it, she thought. Resolve shining bright, she waved her arm up to gain the attention of the old man standing behind the counter and placed her money back within her pocket.

“Hello there, dear. What can I help you with?" he asked. Rinoa smiled, and pointed towards the enclosure where the Galbadian puppies were kept. “I want that one.” She emphasized, leaning forward over the countertop and making sure she was pointing to the correct handsome boy that she wanted to take home.“Ah, a Galbadian Shepherd. This lad's the strongest, a good choice.” the old man said. Picking him up and bringing him to the front with a smile upon his face. “He’s so cute!” She squealed. With a radiant smile Rinoa reached out both of her hands to stroke the puppy's ears; and while doing so, she inquired about the costs. 100 Gil and an additional 50 for registration… that was perfect! Retracting her hands from the shepherd to bring out the money. She hadn’t been this happy in a long time,  and so she cheerfully handed the money over. “Thank you miss" he said. Smiling as he began processing the purchase through the old computer system. "All finished" he says, handing Rinoa her receipt, "and be sure to take good care of him." Lifting the  Galbadian Shepherd up and over the counter into Rinoa’s loving arms.

Rinoa exited the shop with the grin of a happy fool and accompanied by the little bundle of joy in her arms, she mused to herself in a high sing-song voice,
“I think I’ll name you Angelo! Does that sound good?” She asked scratching right behind his ears, stopping abruptly when Angelo began to whine. “Oh no, what’s wrong little guy?” She questioned. Pouting she placed him onto the ground and watched as he ran over to the trees near the park. Had he just wanted to play? Chasing after him fast until she noticed what he was doing. Wait a minute. She just had a revelation come to her. How silly of her not to check! “Oh I see!” she laughed, embarrassment evident in her voice and in the red tint on her cheeks.

“You’re a girl, Angelo!"

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